The Story Behind Precious School

By vocation and career, I am a catholic priest in India. The missionary experience during the prisons ministry in the state of Kerala overwhelmed me at the sight of the misery of the children in the prison facilities. I felt compassion for them. I decided to work for the good of the children who go astray by various reasons and circumstances.

The professional background as a counselor as well as the care taker of the mentally challenged people for many years helped me to focus on children with mental and behavior disorders. Many families with children who suffer from various problems pushed me to start a program to help them professionally. So, I founded Precious School for children at Nedumkunnam, in the district of Kottayam in 2013. It is a home for compassionate care for children with various types of developmental disabilities and behavior disorders. Many people extended me their generous support in making my dream come true. So, the Precious School is gift of God to the poorest of the poor thorough the sacrificial donations of many people.

I believe that the compassionate services to the needy children is precious in the eyes of God.

The name PRECIOUS is the acronym for the services provided. The school is a centre for psychological therapy, rehabilitation, education, counseling, social integration, occupational therapy, using techniques for behavior modification and spiritual nourishment.

Lend a Hand, Lift a Life!

St. Mother Teresa said, “Not all of us can do great things in this world, but small things with great love.”